(Resolution passed by the General Council of The Theosophical Society December 23, 1924)

As the Theosophical Society has spread far and wide over the world, and as members of all religions have become members of it without surrendering the special dogmas, teachings and beliefs of their respective faiths, it is thought desirable to emphasize the fact that there is no doctrine, no opinion, by whomsoever taught or held, that is in any way binding on any member of the Society, none which any member is not free to accept or reject. Approval of its three Objects is the sole condition of membership.

No teacher, or writer, from H.P. Blavatsky onwards, has any authority to impose his or her teachings or opinions on members. Every member has an equal right to follow any school of thought, but has no right to force the choice on any other.

Read the entire declaration Freedom of Thought as well as the declaration Freedom of Society.


The universe is not just a place where the forces of nature operate on a random basis. Every event, from the dawn of time, has occurred according to certain laws.
These laws are the expression of consciousness. Everything that exists, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxies, is permeated with consciousness. This consciousness dwells in everything. We, humans, are immortal souls and not just our bodies that perish at death. Those are but the garments we wear for a while and then cast aside. We are not aware of our divine Nature until we awaken to it.
This fundamental reality is so far removed from our understanding that it has been stated and described through the most wide-ranging and contradictory terms. Let us call it 'Logos'.


As we live and take action we sometimes succeed, and we sometimes fail. We do things well and not well at times, driven by our altruism or our selfishness. Failure creates discord in universal harmony, and we then need to restore this. The good we thus contribute must be transformed into a more profound good. This process of sowing and reaping is called karma. It is the law of restoring balance, which a person puts into action with each of their thoughts, words and deeds.

Universal brotherhood

Since all souls are divine, they are equal. There are young and old souls, but together they form a brotherhood despite any differences (in origin, skills, environment, faith, gender, or skin color). They form a chain and those who are stronger grow by supporting those who are weaker.

Brotherhood is the law of growth for all. This brotherhood includes all beings, animals, birds, fish, plants, minerals, mountains, and seas. We grow through our oneness with all. Divine Nature, which is everywhere, helps us to proceed in beauty

Loge Den Haag van de TVN 125 jaar
The Theosophical Society (Adyar) has the following objectives:

  1. To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex or colour.
  2. To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science.
  3. To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.


There are two eternal mysteries, that of the Logos and that of the Human being.
Everything we assume concerning the Logos: goodness, truth, and beauty also reside in the human being. Religion, philosophy, art, and philanthropy are all channels through which divine Nature descends to reveal its beauty. And our human nature ascends to the divine by growing. All our questions are answered when we understand evolution. This is the rightful inheritance of every soul. But they will only obtain it by virtue of being a sibling to all that exists.


We are born into this world to actualize our true nature. Our birth is entering allows us to enter a space where we slowly unfurl our faculties as a work in progress.
However, it is not possible to realize our divine nature through the experiences of one lifetime. Therefore, we are born again and again: reincarnation.

We enter life, grow, perform, complete our work and return: to death. After a "vacation" in the heavenly realms, where we savor the joys of our unfulfilled plans, we are born again to continue our work purified, stronger and wiser, to perfect our thoughts, feelings, and practices.